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  • seagate hard drive data recovery

    Seagate Hard Drive Data Recovery

    Seagate Hard Drive Data Recovery The data we carry on our hard drives is always important to us. Since hard drives are more portable today, people are using them frequently to store their files be it work-related items such as reports and presentations to personal things such as pictures and videos. Today, Seagate is one […]

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    toshiba data recovery

    Toshiba Hard Drive Recovery

    Toshiba Hard Drive Recovery Being one of the very first electronics manufacturers, Toshiba has gotten really good at what they do. As such, they also have lines of laptops and computers for every conceivable purpose. Whether it is a Chromebook or a laptop for business or school, they have your back covered. These machines are […]

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    micro sd card repair

    Micro SD Card Repair

    Micro SD Card Repair Due to the internet blowing up in such a big way, we have been forced to find ways to carry more content on our devices. The internet today is all about sharing content. However, the content needs to be available on our devices before it’s shared. Social applications have been built […]

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    USB Drive Repair

    USB Drive Repair USB flash drives have come a long way from the days when the largest drive was capable of only storing 512 MB of data. Presently, we have flash drives that can carry up to 256GB of data. While the cloud is more popular than ever, flash drives continue to play a huge […]

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    SSD Recovery

    Solid State Drive Recovery: All You Need to Know

    Solid state drives, referred to as SSDs, use flash memory chips or DDR RAM in order to store, read, and write data. The use of SSDs has gradually increased overtime, with more and more people realizing the benefits of using one and how much better it is than a regular hard disk drive. An SSD […]

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    Myths About Data Recovery

    Data loss can cause extreme panic, especially in people with limited knowledge about the nature of how computers actually store information. Unfortunately, desperation can often lead individuals and organizations to take the wrong steps, resulting in unnecessary costs and irrevocable drive damage. To ensure that you give yourself the best possible chance at a positive […]

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    What to Do After Your Computer Crashes

    In the world of computing, few things nurture anxiety like a sudden crash. Thoughts soon turn to the critical data you may have lost and that backup you should have made. In most cases, however, the consequences are never as bad as we expect. Unless you experienced an actual hardware failure – specifically a hard […]

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    10 Pros/Cons of Cloud Data Storage

    Cloud storage offers a number of benefits that have countless companies jumping on board. According to a recent survey of 800 corporate decision makers, high cloud adoption has doubled in the past few years, and the public cloud recovery services market is predicted to surpass $244 billion by 2017. It’s easy to see why so […]

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    What’s the Difference between RAM & Memory?

    When troubleshooting computers, most people casually throw the term “memory” around in relation to slowdowns and lost data. Unfortunately, most people have limited understanding of how a computer actually utilizes its system resources. Before attempting any sort of DIY solution, it pays to know the difference between RAM and memory. To effectively function, computers rely […]

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