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It's in the name! Outsource is designed for Partners.

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Our primary focus market is IT professionals, computer shops, and data recovery firms. Our system, sales, and engineer staff are trained and equipped to keep your data recovery business going strong. Here are the ways we can Partner Up with you.

Discounted Rates

It can’t get any simpler! Send us your project, and get 25% discount – instantly! Send us more projects – get higher rates. We require you to be in IT industry to begin receiving special rates.

Referral Commissions

Simply put a banner on your website or in an email, or have your clients call us and mention your name or ID. Your client gets a special rate, and you get a rewarding commission! Get your banner code.

Flat Fees

Do you have 5 data recovery projects per month or more? Than you qualify for a special, all inclusive, simple flat rate. Any device, any failure, highest success rates. Request your Flat Rate Pricing here.

Service Industry Average Program Outsource Partner Program
Discount Rate 10 – 15% 15 – 25% or Flat Fee
Benefit TypeDiscount Discount or Commission
Project Tracking Phone & Email Online, Phone, Chat & Email
Client Support By Partner Partner or Outsource
Shipping Fee $20 – $30 Free Inbound Shipping
Attempt / Part Fee $100 – $400 None
Second Chance Fee $100 – $200 None
Emergency Diagnostics $300 – $500 $150

Partner Flat Rate Program

Flat Rate pricing is available exclusively to Outsource Partners in the data recovery, computer repair, and IT consulting fields. It applies to all file systems, capacities, failures, interface types, and form factors.

Additional Terms:

  • The agreed upon flat rates are for an economy service level, which is processed on a first come first serve basis. Service upgrades are available.
  • User installed encryption will require an additional $199 fee.
  • Unless agreed in advance, ODR reserves the right to charge a $99 open drive fee or $49 disassembly fee, when applicable.
  • ODR reserves the right to cancel a Flat Rate agreement for any reason, without warning or explanation.
  • ODR requires a minimum of 5 recoverable projects received per month in order to qualify for a Flat Rate.
  • The promotional flat rate of $399 per HDD is available for Partners maintaining at least 10 successful projects a month.
  • RAID recoveries are priced by the total number of devices in the array. That is, if a RAID array contained 5 devices, but we only received 4 devices, the service fee will be for all 5 drives.
  • Promotional rates are reviewed after 45 days, all other flat rates are reviewed and recalculated every 90 days.

Important Note

To qualify for our unique Flat Rate Data Recovery Program, we require a minimum of 5 projects received and completed per month. If you meet this qualification, please contact your service representative to discuss establishing your new flat rate.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When you submit a project for the first time, there will be an option to register for a Partner account. If you have previously submitted a project, but did not sign up as a partner, give us a call at 1-800-573-4909 to get set up.
A 25% discount is available to all new Partners who provide valid Federal Tax ID and proof of industry professional status. A 30% discount is for all Partners maintaining at least 5 successful projects a month. A 35% discount is for all Partners with at least 15 successful projects a month. All Partner accounts are subject to review every 90 days.
You must have at least 5 projects to send per month, to apply for the flat rate. If you have the volume, then you can fill out the Flat Rate Request Form. Once we review your submission, we will draft a rate proposal, which will stand for 90 days. After initial 90 days trial, we will adjust the quote accordingly to the projects sent in.
We will provide file list for EVERY recovery we do. If anything is missing – let us know and we will try and get it. If we cannot recover something you need – you don’t have to pay. Go to and scroll down to “See Your Files Before You Pay” – that’s how our file list looks like. We can provide you with the script to upload to your website, for your clients to view file lists themselves. Other option is – you can send that URL to your client along with file list. They will upload it there and view file list in Flash format. If our file list isn’t an option, we can generate snap2html or txt file list.
We do not require a payment upfront. You will be prompted to pay after you approve the file list. We accept checks, cash, all major credit cards, PayPal, and bank transfers.

Other questions?

If you were unable to find the answer to your question here, visit our FAQ page, or please feel free to send us a message or give us a call at 1-800-573-4909.

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