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How To Recover My Data

Submit Project

First, submit a service case on our website. You will NOT need to pay any service costs before sending your drive.Under Media Type, select “USB Flash Drive”. Fill in as much additional information as you can about the flash drive repair. Go to the next page, where you will be prompted to log in or create an account.

Send It In

We will instruct you on how to send your drive to us.We will let you know when we receive it. We will then perform diagnostics; this takes 1-2 business days. If your solid state drive qualifies for the $90 service, we will proceed with the repair. If your drive has more severe issues, we will contact you with other options, or you can elect to have it returned to you with no cost for the diagnostics.


We’ll check your device for free to see what the problem is and provide you a quote.


We will repair or replace any components covered by this service. (See FAQ.) This can take up to ten business days. We will email you to confirm the repair has taken place.Your device will be shipped back to you, and you can then use a computer to access your files. Or, we can extract your files onto another device for you for an additional cost.

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For $90, we will repair your faulty USB interface/connector and/or controller chip to restore data access. This service does not include fixes for issues such as firmware corruption or an outright controller failure, which will require removal of the memory chip. If any of these other problems are present, we will offer to fix them if possible, but the cost will be higher.

If your flash drive has further damage and requires removal of the memory chip, that is a more advanced repair. In this case, we will contact you to let you know how much those services would cost. You may then either accept or have your flash drive sent back to you. You will not be responsible for the $90 fee.

We are an innovative IT company that wants to help you get your data back. We have decades of combined experience in data recovery, and are committed to making the process as easy and pleasant as possible.

Every case is different, but we are able to fix most drives we receive to a functional state so that you can start up your computer and back up your files onto another drive. Some drives have errors that cannot be fixed. If this is the case, you will not be responsible for the $90 fee. Check out our reviews to see what past customers have to say.

Diagnostics take 1-2 business days to determine eligibility. The repair service will then take an additional 7 to 10 days. Emergency 24-hour option is available upon request for an additional cost.

Upon completion of the service, we will perform required data access test. If it passes, you will have full data access. If you have any issues, contact us immediately, and we will make it right.

No. Our equipment used for this service blocks our technicians from any data access. The only tool available is LBA access check to ensure you can get to your data. By servicing Client media, Outsource enters in a full non-disclosure agreement with its Client.

You may send the PCB by itself; however, we will perform the service only if the PCB has an external ROM chip. Furthermore, we will not be able to run any diagnostics without the whole hard drive. There are no refunds in these cases.

The $90 Repair Service is only offered at our main lab in the United States. Our European lab in Germany only offers recovery services.