Solid State Drive Recovery: All You Need to Know

SSD Recovery

Solid state drives, referred to as SSDs, use flash memory chips or DDR RAM in order to store, read, and write data. The use of SSDs has gradually increased overtime, with more and more people realizing the benefits of using one and how much better it is than a regular hard disk drive. An SSD is much faster, convenient to access, and way more reliable. Minimum number of parts and high speed modern circuitry make it a favorable choice for many to enhance the functionality of their devices. That does not, however, translate into SSDs being completely flaw-free.



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It is common for users to somehow lose important data stored on their solid state drives based on a number of reasons. It could be due to any severe physical damage the drive may have attained, despite being damage resistant for the greater part. It may also be because of accidental formatting, a sudden system or chip failure, or even due to a virus or malware attack. Regardless of how it takes place, data loss from SSD can be devastating. You will, however, be relieved to know that you can actually recover your lost data easily!



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You can recover your encrypted or lost data by getting in touch with a data recovery service provider. Most of these companies are easily accessible online and can be taken advantage of by providing the details of your solid state drive to the customer support.

These data recovery companies consist of highly skilled and experienced individuals who know how to best tackle encryption and data loss issues and can help you recover as much data with as little damage as possible. Once you get in touch with one of these recovery services, they will ask you for the required information such as numbers and passwords so they can decrypt your SSD. Next, they will analyze the extent of the damage and the recoverability potential. They will then provide you a list of the files which can be recovered and you can make the final decision.



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SSDs are different from hard disk drives (HDD) in the manner that they are different from the circuitry that has generally been used in the past and are a bit more complicated. As such, expertise is required to carry out data recovery in SSDs. The additional encryption in the latter also tends to put up more obstacles, thus making the process more complex and, ultimately, more expensive. For self-encrypted devices, your selected service may also need to get in touch with the manufacturing company of your SSD if they are unable to access the encryption key stored in the device.



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SSD recovery is a much more complex process than HDD recovery and requires much more expertise and qualification; meaning it is bound to be more expensive. The expenses would generally begin around $400-$600, and could potentially go upwards of several thousands of dollars. This depends on the extent of the damage, the kind of SSD, as well as the investment required for the company to recover it.

While SSD recovery and drive repair can be a costly process, it becomes a necessity in the case that you have extremely important files stored on it. That is why you should look into taking preventive and preemptive measures that protect your drive from failure in the first place. Investing in SSD drive repair, on the other hand, is also beneficial in the long term.