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Data Recovery Pricing

    Affordable Data Recovery Cost

    Our pricing is transparent and simple.

    Find Your Capacity

    Our pricing is simple and transparent. Either opt for our flat $60 Repair Service or choose full data recovery. For data recovery, find the capacity of your media below and add on any applicable options beneath to see the cost of your recovery if successful. If we cannot recover your data, we have a no data, no fee policy. You will not pay anything.

    Repair (Any Capacity)


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    *Not all drives are eligible for the $60 Repair Service. See service page for restrictions.

    Up to 999GB


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    1TB to 3.99TB


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    4TB and up


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    What’s included?

    Repair Service prices include simple fixes when possible to get the device back to a working state.

    Data Recovery service prices include full recovery for many common causes of data loss, including deleted files, calibration issues, minor firmware failures, and other non-complex failures. For some more advanced failures, there may be surcharges as listed below in the Advanced Services section.

    How long does it take?

    We pride ourselves on quick turnaround time. Typically, diagnostics will be completed within 72 hours, and the recovery will take an additional 7-10 days.

    We also offer expedited and emergency services for those who need it sooner under Optional Amenities.

    What data will I get back?

    You will receive a file list, containing the recoverable data on your drive. You will be able to review and approve that list before making payment and finalizing the recovery.

    The recovered data can be downloaded or loaded onto another storage device for you.

    Optional Amenities and Media-Specific Costs

    Add any applicable options. All prices are per individual storage device.

    Service Options

    These are optional services you can add on to your recovery service to make it faster or more convenient.

    1-Hour Diagnostics

    Your device will be moved to the front of our diagnostics queue so we can evaluate the failure and get you a quote within one hour of receiving the media at our lab. We can even come pick up your drive from your home or office (additional costs will apply for pick-up).


    Expedited and Emergency Recovery

    Once your evaluation is complete, and you approve the service quote, the standard turnaround time is 10 business days for recovery of a single device. If you need it sooner, we offer the following expedited recovery options:

    Turnaround TimeUp to 72 hoursUnder 24 hours



    Non-Standard Media

    The store device you are sending may need additional attention if it does not conform to the most common file systems or interface connections

    Less Common File Systems

    NTFS and FAT are the two most common Windows file systems, but Mac and Linux systems as well as some rarer Windows file systems make recovery a bit more complicated.

    NTFS/FAT (most Windows)HFS (most MACs)EXT/Other




    Proprietary or Server Interfaces

    The interface is the connection standard that the storage media uses to connect to the computer or enclosure. Less common interfaces require special equipment to connect to our data recovery workstations.






    Get Your Data Back!

    Get the process started! We will perform free diagnostics and send you a quote to approve. You don’t have to pay anything upfront!
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    Failure-Specific and Advanced Services

    Add on any applicable options. All prices are per media.


    These services may be required if your device has suffered certain types of more complex failures. For example, if your media has mechanical damage, cleanroom work may be necessary.

    File System Corruption

    Logical failures or degraded surfaces can cause the file system to become corrupted. The media may still function mechanically, but certain or all data will not be accessible. RAW corruption will incur double this fee.


    Cleanroom Service

    If the interior of your hard drive has suffered serious physical damage, we may need to repair the inner workings before we can recover data. This will take place in our secure, ISO-certified cleanroom. Some modern hard drives may require an additional $299 calibration fee.


    Platter Damage

    The platters are the magnetic discs within the hard drive that store your actual data. They can become scratched or otherwise physically damaged and need to be carefully cleaned or resurfaced.


    Degraded Surface

    The surface of the platters begins to magnetically degrade certain sectors of the memory, usually after extended use or after a head crash. This complicates the imaging of the data.


    Controller Failure

    The controller controls the relationship between the hard drive and the computer. This failure means the two cannot communicate. Note, monolithic controllers for flash drive require an additional $899 fee and at least additional 2 weeks turnaround.


    Chip-Off Recovery

    A few types of advanced failures on flash memory (i.e. SSDs or USB flash drives) can require physical removal of the controller memory chip in order to recover data.


    Advanced Firmware Repair

    The firmware is the proprietary language that controls the storage device. Sometimes this can become damaged, either from a damaged circuit board or from a logical failure or degraded surface and need to be reloaded onto the PCB or media.


    Advanced Services

    These are items related to uncommon additional labor needed to recover your media. These items are not caused by the data loss itself but simply the configuration of your device.

    Encrypted Media

    If your device has nonstandard encryption requiring a unique key or password we cannot access, it will require additional labor to image your data.


    RAID Reconstruction

    If we work on a drives from your RAID array, they will need to be reconstructed to access the data in full without corruption.


    Open Drive/ Second Attempt

    If your media has previously been opened or worked on, we will need to take additional precautions to remove the damage or dust incurred.


    Parts Charges

    If we need to acquire additional parts to work on your media, we will invoice you for the cost of those parts.

    up to $199

    Media Removal

    If we need to remove the storage device from an enclosure (whether that be a simple external hard drive enclosure, a RAID server, or taking the drive out of a laptop), this additional charge will be assessed.


    Mobile Device

    For mobile devices (including smartphones, tablets, etc), this non-refundable surcharge will be assessed before evaluation to account for additional labor of disassembling and reassembling the device.


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