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  • Virtual Drive Recovery Services

    Learning the Basics of Virtual Drive Recovery Services

    The need for digital storage space continues to be at an all-time high. Due to this need, virtual drives continue to rise in demand, as they are versatile in nature. To demonstrate, say you work interchangeably between a Mac in the office and a Windows computer at home. Since both have different operating systems, you […]

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    micro sd card repair

    Micro SD Card Repair

    Micro SD Card Repair Due to the internet blowing up in such a big way, we have been forced to find ways to carry more content on our devices. The internet today is all about sharing content. However, the content needs to be available on our devices before it’s shared. Social applications have been built […]

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    USB Drive Repair

    USB Drive Repair USB flash drives have come a long way from the days when the largest drive was capable of only storing 512 MB of data. Presently, we have flash drives that can carry up to 256GB of data. While the cloud is more popular than ever, flash drives continue to play a huge […]

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    Protecting Your Digital Camera

    We get plenty of customers who’ve accidentally deleted their photos. Losing memories by accident can be awful, but don’t think that only a mistake on your part can jeopardize your photos. There are plenty of external factors to consider! Temperature Every camera manufacturer will supply their own recommendations, but Canon’s suggestion of keeping between 32°F […]

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    Types of Hard Drive Failures

    Are you not sure what the problem is with your hard drive? Check out this video by our friends at Donor Drives about how to identify common types of hard drive failures, and what you can do about some of them at home.

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    The Definitive Guide to Backing Up Your Data

    Backing up your data is essential, as we’re sure you’ve heard time and time again. But when it comes time to back up your files, what’s the best way to go about it? We’ll be focusing on the advantages and disadvantages of cloud-based backups versus backing up to an external hard drive. Cloud-based backups are […]

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    PCB Repair / Replacement Video by Donor Drives

    This video is by Donor Drives LLC about repairing and replacing a hard drive circuit board. As of beginning of 2014 Outsource Ohio LLC DBA Outsource Data Recovery performs all “Adaptation Services” for Donor Drives LLC. Here is their description of the Video:

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