About Us

Why our Clients choose to work with us.

Who We Are?

Outsource Data Recovery was formed by senior experts in the computer forensics and data recovery industry. Based in Cleveland, OH, we serve governments, businesses and individuals worldwide. We design, engineer, and manufacture top of the line data recovery tools and equipment, for industry professionals. Our sister company – Donor Drives LLC – is the world’s largest data recovery parts supplier. Bottom line, we have our hands on every possible tool, gadget, and part, therefore saving you a big buck on your data recovery project.

With access to top-of-the-line equipment and years of experience in the data recovery industry, Outsource is more than confident, when working with hard drives of any brand, any capacity and every file system. If you are not a professional and require assistance or guidance to resolve an issue with your hard drive, don’t hesitate to call us for help. All of our agents will gladly go over any specific questions you may have and assist you to the fullest extent of our expertise.

Success Rate

Hard Drives 96%
Solid State Drives 81%
RAID Array 98%

Why Choose Outsource?

Outsource provides data recovery and PCB adaptation services for all storage devices, of any complexity. The services are available with different priority levels, depending on how fast project needs to be completed. Some of our service levels are same day emergency diagnostics, and emergency 24 hour data recovery service. There is also an option of on-site data recovery service for more sophisticated data loss scenarios.

Our free diagnostics takes up to 48 business hours. PCB adaptation service takes up to an additional 72 business hours. Both of the services have an emergency same day service available. Economy data recovery services are generally due within 10 business days. There are expedited and emergency options available for urgent projects.

Diagnostics are free. Our signature PCB Adaptation service is $60 including replacement PCB, service, and diagnostics. Pricing for data recovery services for most storage devices is available on our Pricing page.

You begin by submitting your project online, and sending your device in for free evaluation. If you have any questions during or after submitting new project, feel free to call us at +1 800 573 4909.