PCB Repair / Replacement Video by Donor Drives

This video is by Donor Drives LLC about repairing and replacing a hard drive circuit board. As of beginning of 2014 Outsource Ohio LLC DBA Outsource Data Recovery performs all “Adaptation Services” for Donor Drives LLC. Here is their description of the Video:

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Published on Mar 15, 2013

In this video we show and explain how to swap a dead hard drive circuit board, also called a PCB. How to transfer firmware from old PCB onto a new one, reprogram it, and take proper steps to fully repair it. We explain our variety of services, including free diagnostics and PCB Firmware Adaptation Service. We also show some tricks about how you may be able to repair a clicking hard drive.

About Us:
Donor Drives specializes in retailing hard drives, parts, and tools for data recovery purposes. For our customers, we provide a variety of services, such as free diagnostics and PCB firmware adaptation service.

Free PCB Firmware Adaptation Service is only available to Donor Drives customers, within 30 days of replacement part purchase date.

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