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    Public Wi-Fi Best Practices: How to Use it Securely

    Public Wi-Fi offers the convenience of connecting your device online wherever you go. Whether it be the library, coffee house, even bowling alleys give you free access to the Internet. While this might seem like a smart option on the surface, it’s important to be mindful of the risks associated with using public Wi-Fi. How […]

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    Home Computer Security: 3 Things to Do When Buying a New Computer

    Though the trend has gone mobile for many app and website designs, there’s plenty of people who use home computers to conquer foes via online gaming, send emails to friends and family, and binge watch Netflix. Home computers can provide the versatility you might not find with tablets or phones. This is the case if […]

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    Meet VPNFilter: A Malware That Could Destroy Your Router

    Your router contains a treasure trove of information hackers want to access. In keeping with the spirit of this, the FBI announced a warning this past weekend, as they discovered a new malware variant VPNFilter from the Russian hacking group Sofacy. What is VPNFilter? VPNFilter is malware Sofacy uses to infect routers. Once infected, the malware […]

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    Email Security Essentials: How to Make Emails Safer

    Email continues to be one of the main channels we communicate and share information with others online. However, consider this: TechRadar equates sending an email to posting postcard over the internet, where anyone can read it. This shows how vulnerable email messaging is and why you need to take safeguards to ensure your email security […]

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    Password Security: Why a Password Manager is Essential

    It could be the easiest gateway to all your data. Someone has snatched your phone or computer. They open it and see it’s locked. However, they might also find personal details about you if they have your bag or wallet. Further, if you incorporate personal details into your passwords such as your birthdate, address or […]

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    Protecting Your Data: Understanding the Basics of Firewalls

    Having inadequate protection when surfing online can be akin to walking down the streets blindfolded in that trouble could be lurking around the corner and you don’t know it. To protect your data from breaches it’s important to use a firewall. What is a Firewall? Cisco states a firewall is a network security device that […]

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    What Are Some Signs My Device Has Been Hacked?

    Considering that we do many things online such as banking, work projects, and more, keeping data safe is now more important than ever. Along with doing the usual safeguards, it’s important to monitor your devices for signs of hacking; here’s how. Investigate Online Accounts It’s a good idea to be in the habit of checking […]

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    Risky Online Behaviors That Could Lead to Data Loss

    We use the internet for everything: to bank, to shop, to share pictures and videos, to see Aunt Gertrude’s wicked taco recipe and to read the news. Because of our reliance to our digital appendages and computers, we leave a digital footprint that contains most of our personal information and if thieves access it, you […]

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    5 Steps for Keeping Your Data Safe

    Every day, countless gigabytes of data are either lost to hardware failure or compromised by a third-party breech. To ensure that your critical information remains private and intact, learn how to protect it from internal malfunction and external invasion. A Widespread Problem According to the Identity Theft Resource Center (ITRC), there were at least 110 […]

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