Email Security Essentials: How to Make Emails Safer


Email continues to be one of the main channels we communicate and share information with others online. However, consider this: TechRadar equates sending an email to posting postcard over the internet, where anyone can read it. This shows how vulnerable email messaging is and why you need to take safeguards to ensure your email security is up to date.

Why Does it Matter?

Even if you send personal emails only, your information and those of your recipients could be compromised. Hackers could access your password, changing it or even worse, sending malware to your friends and family by way of attachments, so password security becomes an essential part of email security.

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Strengthen Your Password

There are so many apps and websites that require login information, keeping it straight is difficult. I get it. At the same time, using personal information such as your address, phone number or even worse, using all the same passwords, makes it super easy for hackers to access your information.

To help, you can use a password manager, as they can generate effective passwords that are harder for hackers to crack. Moreover, you should enable two-factor authentication-this is where the provider verifies your identity through an app or text. TechRadar recommends using an app for this so you don’t fall victim to SIM card spoofing.

This extra measure means even if a hacker accesses your account and tries to change the information, they might not have access to the app to make the changes they want.

Monitor Your Account’s Activities

Regularly, you’ll want to check your email’s sent folder to monitor that activity. If you don’t recognize sent emails, it could be a sign your account was compromised. You’ll want to change the password right away.

Furthermore, you’ll want to check your inbox regularly as this is how your email provider will contact you if you or someone else made changes to the account. Obviously, if you didn’t make changes, then you’ll want to contact your service provider and follow their protocol for securing your account.

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Use Encryption

Email encryption isn’t as prevalent as you will find with instant messaging programs. Still, it does exist. Gmail has been using encryption though, there are some limitations. To receive encryption, you must use Gmail through Google apps or through Chrome. If you use any other web browser, then you won’t receive encryption.

Meanwhile, Outlook gives an encryption option where both parties exchange digital signatures to activate it. Oddly, this benefit doesn’t work on the Windows mail app nor on

Therefore, you can use an email encryption service like Tutanota. Not only will the service encrypt your messages, it does so with your contacts, email data, and any attachments as well.

Ultimately, doing these email security tips can prevent your information from becoming compromised. And if this does happen, rest assured our team at Outsource will be able to help.

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