Risky Online Behaviors That Could Lead to Data Loss


We use the internet for everything: to bank, to shop, to share pictures and videos, to see Aunt Gertrude’s wicked taco recipe and to read the news. Because of our reliance to our digital appendages and computers, we leave a digital footprint that contains most of our personal information and if thieves access it, you could experience data loss, identity theft, and more.

Are you prepared?

IT Security Command reports that in the time it takes you to brush your teeth in the morning, thieves have stolen 19,280 data records in that brief five minutes. If hackers gain access to your information, they could open bank accounts, send emails in your name, and even restrict your access to the files you hold most dear.

In simplest terms, it sucks but there are some things you can do to prevent this from happening. Our infographic can steer you in the right direction as to the behaviors you should employ that could reduce your chances of losing data.

DATA SECURITY 1 410x1024 - Risky Online Behaviors That Could Lead to Data Loss

We can help

If you experienced data loss on a device, don’t throw it away or treat it as an expensive paperweight. Instead, allow our experts to take a look at it for you.

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With this in mind, what do you have to lose? You need your data back; we have the tools and expertise to help you do just that. It’s the perfect match! Get started with your no obligation estimate today.