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    What are Data Brokers? Learning More About Your Digital Shadow

    Information has become an online currency. Your browsing habits, who you interact with, and where you shop become data points companies can use to market to your behaviors. How did they obtain this information? One way is through data brokers. What are Data Brokers? Think of a data broker as an online investigator, who conducts […]

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    Messaging Security: How to Keep My Messages Safe

    Some businesses are becoming more open to having employees work remotely. And because of this, there are plenty of messaging tools available to keep in touch such as Google Hangouts, Slack, and even text messaging. That said, if you’re a remote worker or someone who wants to protect the contents of what they send, then […]

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    Facebook Removes Its VPN Onavo From Apple’s App Store

    Virtual private networks (VPNs) are great in theory, as they can provide you with anonymity when browsing the internet. However, there are providers willing to abuse the privilege. Enter Facebook, a company that seems to have a tenuous grasp at best on what data protection is. And now Apple has taken them to the woodshed, […]

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    New Android Malware Logs User Activities to Sell to Hackers

    The convenience of mobile apps allows us to do everything from depositing checks to playing Cards Against Humanity with someone halfway around the world from us. Because of the demand for mobile apps, scammers are cashing in creating many that contain Android malware. Meet Triout the Malware Big Brother Security researchers at Bitdefender uncovered new […]

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    What Are the Pros and Cons of Cloud Data Storage?

    The need for storage continues to rise. After all, our smartphones and company servers have limitations as to how much data they can carry. Due to this, one option you might consider is a cloud data storage. What is Cloud Data Storage? Simply, this is where you store files, pictures, videos, music, and more in […]

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    Bluetooth Security Flaw Allows Hackers to Create Man in the Middle Attacks

    Bluetooth is an excellent way to pair devices, connect your device to your car’s infotainment system or use a wireless speaker to listen to your favorite tunes. While the ease of connectivity makes it convenient to use on many levels, security researchers discovered a Bluetooth security flaw that might allow an intruder to intercept your […]

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    How Do I Set Up Parental Controls on My Child’s iPhone?

    The smartphone addiction is real. It’s difficult to resist the impulse to pick up your phone to check email, texts, or social media posts. Your kids are in a similar boat. And the New York Times reports some studies to show extended phone use time leads to sleep deprivation, depression, and lower test scores. To […]

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    Data Security: How to Keep Your Files Safe from Prying Eyes

    Every move you make, I’ll be watching you. The Internet works like that. There are law enforcement agencies collecting your data for national security purposes; advertising companies monitoring and tracking your browsing behaviors, and then there are the hackers, intercepting your data to use it for their personal gain. This is why maintaining data security […]

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