How Do I Set Up Parental Controls on My Child’s iPhone?


The smartphone addiction is real. It’s difficult to resist the impulse to pick up your phone to check email, texts, or social media posts. Your kids are in a similar boat. And the New York Times reports some studies to show extended phone use time leads to sleep deprivation, depression, and lower test scores. To rein this in, it’s important to use parental controls not only because it can help them, but it can protect you from data intrusion as well.

Parental Controls Basics: Set a Timer

One of the features of Apple’s new operating system-the iOS12- is Screen Time. Screen Time is a dashboard you can use to limit how much time you allow your child to spend on certain apps such as games and social media. Once they used that time, the screen locks them out of the app.

In addition to the parental controls, Screen Time has another feature you can access outside of the dashboard. This feature allows you to check how long you’ve been using a specific app, which is beneficial because it gives you a detailed look at just how long your child has been using their smartphone and for what.

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Parental Controls Basics: Use Restrictions

Restrictions is a feature Apple has that works similar to the way parental controls operate on other systems. This tool allows you to restrict the content, apps and features your children can access. Here’s how you can employ this feature:

  • You’ll go to the settings app then select general.
  • Scroll down to tap on restrictions.
  • Next, select enable restrictions.
  • The system will prompt you to create a passcode. This is the code you’ll use to make any adjustments or to disable the restrictions feature.
  • Once you’re in, you can set limits based on content ratings and types for a wide variety of media including TV shows, books, apps, Siri, and music.
  • You can also restrict apps from using features such as location services, photos, and more.

Moreover, the feature allows you to decide if your child can delete or install apps. For security reasons, it’s beneficial to disable this feature until they know more on the perils of downloading apps from third-party sites.

Securing Your Children’s Internet Use Secure Your Data

It’s important to monitor and restrict the content your children view because it can affect the security of your data. Along with shielding your children from harmful content, you’re also protecting your devices from harmful malware that could render your files useless.

To demonstrate, say your child is playing around on an iPad and there are no restrictions set on it. Then, they inadvertently visit a site riddled with malware. Now, your device is compromised; this is why it’s integral to set restrictions, as it can help to protect your data.

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