Repair Your Hard Drive, SSD, or Flash Drive
For Only Sixty Dollars

Outsource Data Recovery offers a unique repair service for both hard drives and solid state/flash drives, which could save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars versus traditional data recovery services.

PCB Repair

If the original PCB is found defective, Outsource will replace it with a new one and reprogram / transfer firmware.

Seagate Brick Fix

A firmware patch will be applied to your drive to fix the Seagate bug that can result in hard drives stalling or becoming unresponsive.

Firmware Repair

We will implement a basic internal firmware fix or a patch that will restore drive functionality.

Hardware Decryption

We will restore data access when media enclosure or PCB came with built-in hardware encryption so you can recover files.

Password Removal

We will remove the internal firmware ATA password.

Windows 10 PUIS Bug

We will fix this common error on Windows 10 machines that prevents the drive from spinning up.

HPA Removal

Unlock the “Host Protected Area”, making it permanently available.

Interface Repair

If possible, we will repair or rebuild the USB or SATA interface of the damaged media.

Repair My Drive for only $60!

If your hard drive, flash drive, or SSD has suddenly stopped working, and you can no longer access your important data, then our $60 Repair Service is exactly what you need. This is NOT a data recovery service; it is a media repair service. A large percentage of drive failures can actually be repaired to a point where the data can be safely extracted without professional equipment. If possible, Outsource will repair and send you back a working drive so that you can perform the backup yourself.

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Not sure if this service is for you? Check out our FAQ below or see feedback for our $60 Hard Drive Repair Service on eBay

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Diagnostics take 24-48 business hours. The repair service may take up to an additional 10 days.

Upon completion of the service, we will perform required data access test. If it passes, you will have full data access from your hard drive, flash drive, or solid state drive. If you have any issues, contact us immediately, and we will make it right.

No. Our equipment used for this service blocks our technicians from any data access. The only tool available is LBA access check to ensure you can get to your data. By servicing Client media, Outsource enters in a full non-disclosure agreement with its Client.

Firmware is an internal hard drive operating system that consists of hundreds or thousands pieces of code; corruption in firmware code may result in loss of data access.

You may send only the PCB by itself. However, we will render the service only if the PCB has an external ROM chip and will no perform any diagnostics without the whole hard drive. There are no refunds in these cases.

The $60 Repair Service is only offered at our main lab in the United States. Our European lab in Germany only offers data recovery services.