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Fujitsu MHZ2160BH G1 hard drive not working?

Outsource is experienced with Fujitsu MHZ2160BH G1 hard drive data recovery and repairs. We will get your data back so you can get on with your life.

Experience with MHZ2160BH G1 Data Recovery

Fujitsu 's MHZ2160BH G1 is a desktop (2.5") hard disk drive with a storage capacity of 160GB and featuring a SATA interface. There are multiple PCB revisions for this hard drive, so if you will need to match a replacement PCB, it is important that you note the revision number of your current circuit board in addition to the hard drive's model number.

Outsource Knows Fujitsu

Outsource has successfully repaired or performed data recovery on thousands of Fujitsu hard drives, including model MHZ2160BH G1 . We are also partners with Donor Drives, the largest provider of Fujitsu donor hard drives and PCBs, so we have immediate access to almost any part or donor drive imaginable in order to complete your project quickly.

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Success Rate

Outsource is able to successfully repair or recover nearly nine out of ten projects we receive, including the common failures of MHZ2160BH G1 drives you see below. This rate is among the best in the industry, and we offer a True No-Data, No-Charge Guarantee for your MHZ2160BH G1 data recovery: If we cannot recover your data, you will not pay any service fee!

PCB Issues

Failed PCB or Firmware Issues

Fujitsu MHZ2160BH G1 hard drive failure can result from many causes. Check out our video on identifying common hard drive failures. One of the most common causes of failure for Fujitsu drives is a burnt circuit board, or PCB. This can be caused by a power surge or other sudden electrical impact. If your drive does not spin up, or if you smell smoke coming from the hard drive, these can be signs of a burnt circuit board, which should be repaired as soon as possible.

Replacing a Failed PCB

If this is the issue, you can try to repair your drive by replacing the PCB. Make sure to use this donor matching guide for data recovery to increase the chances of compatibility. For instance, you should use a replacement PCB from the same model ( MHZ2160BH G1 ) and PCB revision. Also, check out the video to the right for some tips on trying to replace the circuit board. Don't want to attempt this yourself? Outsource offers a $60 hard drive Repair Service, which includes PCB replacement or repair with parts and labor!

Other Common Problems with MHZ2160BH G1 Drives

Clicking Drive

If your drive is clicking, power it down immediately! This could be a sign of a mechanical issue, such as a head crash.

Bad Sectors

Bad sectors generally signify surface damage, degrading magnetic head reading capabilities, or the end of life of the hard drive.


EPROM or NV-RAM becomes corrupt and locks out data access. The data will need to be manually adjusted and reprogrammed to the PCB.


Corruption of system area translator modules results in loss of data access and requires a “hot swap”.

Frequency of Failures

41% $60 Repair Service: includes electrical failures, such as failed PCBs, Brick errors, translator corruption, or basic firmware issues. Cost: $60*
36% Cleanroom recovery: includes recovering data from drives with head crashes, preamplifier failures, or other mechanical issues requiring a cleanroom. Avg. cost: $787*
10% Degraded surface: another type of mechanical failure, also known as bad sectors, which usually does not require a cleanroom. Avg. cost: $545*
9% Logical issues: includes recovery of deleted data and similar logical issues. Avg. cost: $336*
4% Advanced firmware: includes advanced firmware failures not covered under the $60 Hard Drive Repair, such as corrupted firmware on the disk platters. Avg. cost: $567*

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*All data recovery services are all-inclusive and include repair, recovery, parts, and transfer media. These prices are the average paid by actual customers in 2014 excluding discounts, such as those our Partner Program members receive. Prices will vary depending on several factors. The $60 Hard Drive Repair Service is not a data recovery service and only includes repair (parts and labor) for drives that do not need data recovery.
Yes, this Fujitsu MHZ2160BH G1 hard drive can qualify for the $60 hard drive Repair Service. This includes repair or replacement of a faulty PCB, patching of minor firmware issues, and/or correction of PUIS errors that disable the drive from spinning. For more details click here.
Visit our Instant Quote page to generate an estimate of the cost of data recovery for your MHZ2160BH G1 hard drive, which will depend on the type of failure and other factors.

Yes. Visit our Service Options page to see pricing levels for expedited diagnostics and/or recovery, which are available as add-on options to your service.

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