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Data recovery solutions hand-crafted to suit you.

We are Outsource and we hand-craft data recovery solutions from scratch.

Outsource provides the most affordable high-quality data recovery services, develops top-of-the-line tools and equipment, and holds the largest inventory of hard drive parts in the world.


Data recovery services for any type of media, capacity, and complexity.


In-house development of the highest quality of tools and equipment in the industry.


Largest donor hard drive parts and circuit board inventory available for instant use.


Business model specifically targeting IT professionals and businesses.

Frequency of Failures

41% $60 Repair Service: includes electrical failures, such as failed PCBs, Brick errors, translator corruption, or basic firmware issues. Cost: $60*
36% Cleanroom recovery: includes recovering data from drives with head crashes, preamplifier failures, or other mechanical issues requiring a cleanroom. Avg. cost: $787*
10% Degraded surface: another type of mechanical failure, also known as bad sectors, which usually does not require a cleanroom. Avg. cost: $545*
9% Logical issues: includes recovery of deleted data and similar logical issues. Avg. cost: $336*
4% Advanced firmware: includes advanced firmware failures not covered under the $60 Hard Drive Repair, such as corrupted firmware on the disk platters. Avg. cost: $567*

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*All data recovery services are all-inclusive and include repair, recovery, parts, and transfer media. These prices are the average paid by actual customers in 2014 excluding discounts, such as those our Partner Program members receive. Prices will vary depending on several factors. The $60 Hard Drive Repair Service is not a data recovery service and only includes repair (parts and labor) for drives that do not need data recovery.


So how exactly does Outsource provide high-quality service with quick turnaround at an affordable price?

Because we develop and resell our own tools, gadgets, parts, and accessories for the entire industry, we have all the business contacts we need to minimize our marketing and supply budget, focusing all of our expenses on providing quality service. While our competitors spend money on ads, equipment, parts – we don’t have to. Therefore, we save you money, yet still provide the highest-quality service in the industry.

Why Choose Us?

Get a quote before you send your media
Most affordable, high-quality service
Excellent Partner benefits and discounts
No hidden fees or underhanded sales tactics. All prices are all-inclusive
Same-day service available in most cases

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Our Services

HDD Recovery

Our technicians have years of experience in retrieving lost data from hard disk drives. We service all hard drives, with all types of failures, complexities and encryption levels.

SSD Data Recovery

Recovering data off of solid state drives is generally a complex procedure. Our data recovery pros will remove and manually read each individual memory chip and then manually reassemble the SSD image.

Flash Data Recovery

Outsource’s team of data recovery experts will retrieve data from your damaged flash drive for just a fraction of the cost of what other data recovery service providers charge.

RAID Recovery

We are able to recover data from any failed RAID arrays, of any size or complexity. Our technicians have experience with simple RAIDs as well as complex on-site data center recovery projects.

Digital Forensics

Outsource will recover, analyze, and investigate the materials for projects of any size. Our team of experts are certified investigators with active licenses in the state of Ohio.


Our team of certified experts will examine the relevant evidence, and provide you with our professional opinion along with our attorney representing our findings in court.