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Our simple, yet sophisticated Instant Quote feature will help you determine the nature of the failure, provide you with a firm estimate for your data recovery project, create a customer ID, and submit a project ticket. As an added benefit, members of our Partner Program receive free inbound shipping labels. For more information about becoming a Partner, click here.

We also offer a 10% discount on data recovery services to veterans and active service members, government and non-profit organizations, educational institutions, disabled individuals, full-time students, and seniors (65+). We will ask to see ID or other proof of eligibility.

Need your project expedited? Simply choose your preferred diagnostics and/or recovery speed, and our technicians will begin working on your case within minutes of its arrival. See the charts below for the difference in pricing between our various speeds for diagnostics and recovery. Please note, there will be a $100 surcharge per media if the device is encrypted, if the client requests a full clone, or for an As-Is Recovery. As-Is Recovery means that recovery has been completed, but data is still inaccessible due to OS or software encryption.

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[plan name=”Free Diagnostics” link=”/submit-service/” linkname=”Submit Project” price=”$0″ per=”per single device”]


[plan name=”Emergency Diagnostics” link=”/submit-service/” linkname=”Submit Project” price=”$90″ per=”per single device” featured=”Emergency” color=”#219fd1″]



[box style=”2″][googlefont font=”Sanchez” size=”24px”]Need your data now? No problem, we have plenty of fast service options for data recovery! See the chart below for the difference in pricing between different data recovery service speeds.[/googlefont][/box]
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[plan name=”Economy Recovery” link=”/submit-service/” linkname=”Submit Project” price=”+$0″ per=”our basic service” color=”#83b732″ featured=”Affordable”]


[plan name=”Expedited Recovery” link=”/submit-service/” linkname=”Submit Project” price=”+$300″ per=”per single device” color=” #999999″ featured=”Faster”]


[plan name=”Emergency Recovery” link=”/submit-service/” linkname=”Submit Project” price=”+$600″ per=”per single device” color=”#219fd1″ featured=”Fastest”]


Outsource Data Recovery is one of the few companies in the world which support and develop new tools and equipment for data recovery purposes. We work closely with top-class engineers in order to make data recovery equipment more stable, more affordable, and more reliable. We constantly invest in innovative technologies and support countless data recovery companies worldwide.

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[one_third]How much is it going to cost me to recover my data?
Simply head to our Instant Quote page to get a quick and free estimate. Enter information about your case, and the recovery cost is automatically calculated upon submission.
[one_third]What are the guarantees?
Data Recovery can be unpredictable, but our experience, knowledge, and equipment, guarantee that we will put forth our utmost attention and expertise to recover your data.[/one_third]
[one_third_last]I still have some questions.
The tables above are for reference only. They indicate price and speed difference between several types of service levels. For any other questions, please contact us.[/one_third_last]