Meet WPA3: A Much Needed Upgrade to Wi-Fi Security


In some respects, Wi-Fi has become our invisible, Internet connector buddy you often ignore unless there are connection problems. And while much is made about quality, how much emphasis do we place on Wi-Fi security unless we’re using an unsecured connection? Thankfully, the next level of security evolution is here, meet WPA3.

How Do Hackers Access Wi-Fi Networks?

Wi-Fi is the gateway which ports your incoming and outgoing traffic. If there’s someone hacking into your connection, theoretically, they can see what you do. As you can imagine, this can leave you vulnerable to malware, data loss, and identity theft.

How do hackers access your Wi-Fi? According to CNET, hackers employ an offline dictionary-based attack; this is where they can use software to make unlimited guesses on what your Wi-Fi password is. Once cracked, they have free access to roam your network, snoop on what you do and wreak other havoc.

One way to counter that is with a more secure connection, which is what WPA 3 offers.

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Meet WPA3: A Smarter, More Secure Way to Use Wi-Fi

Tech companies wanted to create a more secure way for personal users and businesses to use W-Fi. The culmination of their partnership is the WPA3, which uses new routers containing better ways to protect your data.

One of the ways WPA3 achieves this is by having a tighter protocol that makes it more difficult for hackers to crack passwords using the software. In addition, the new routers have been tested to ensure they don’t have vulnerabilities such as KRACK. KRACK is where hackers can roam on your network without having to enter a password.

In addition, you’ll be able to surf the web on a public network with confidence. The reason for this is WPA3 encrypts traffic data, rendering it inaccessible to hackers who might try to snoop on your browsing behaviors at your favorite coffee house.

Moreover, WPA3 uses forward secrecy, according to PC Magazine. What this means is if someone is able to gain access to your files then discover your password, later on, they won’t be able to decrypt that old data.

Speaking of passwords, the WPA3 will be able to protect you even if you’re using simple passwords that might be easy for others to guess. With that said, it’s still ideal to mix up your passwords using a manager. 

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When Can I Use WPA3?

While the technology exists, it will take time to roll it out to the public. PCMag estimates some routers will be available later this year with a larger rollout occurring in 2019. The reason for the delay concerns updating old routers to support this change and having software that integrates with your current devices.

In the meantime, it’s important to ensure your Wi-Fi router has the latest software and that you employ smart behaviors when browsing online such as refraining from opening email attachments from unknown senders.

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