Discounted Data Recovery Affected Floods Louisiana

AUGUST 19, 2016

Outsource Data Recovery, a recognized leader in data recovery services and hard drive repair, announced today that they are offering a 25% discount to those affected by the terrible flooding in Louisiana.

Tens of thousands of people have been displaced by the torrential rains and ensuing flooding in the state of Louisiana. The National Weather Service is announcing that more rain may be on the way in these areas as well as southeastern Texas, raising the possibility of flooding there as well. President Barack Obama this week declared the floods a major disaster. More than 70,000 people have registered for individual assistance, according to FEMA.

It will take days or weeks for residents to be able to return home in many areas of the state. Outsource Data Recovery wants to help those affected, offering 25% off of regular pricing for data recovery.

“Water and mud damage is bound to be widespread,” said Don Glushko, CEO of Outsource Data Recovery. “Computers, phones, tablets… all these devices contain precious memories that might otherwise be lost. This is our small way of helping those who have lost so much else this past week.”

Data recovery technician Evan Galasso warns against trying to recover your own data: “We really discourage people from either trying to use data recovery software or opening their hard drives up to try to fix them themselves. Without the proper totally clean environment, more damage is bound to happen. If there’s been water damage, seal it up in a Ziploc bag, so it doesn’t dry up too quickly.”

To take advantage of Outsource’s data recovery services, visit or call 1-800-573-4909. Use the code LOUISIANA for the special rate.