Is Your iPhone Locked? Here’s How to Regain Access to It

Perhaps, you’ve had a stressful day. The work doesn’t stop coming and even after you escaped your occupational avalanche, you have a mountain of things to do. It makes you frazzled to the point when you go to access your iPhone you make the mistake of incorrectly entering in your code too many times. When this happens, the software does an iPhone lock and will display a disabled message on your lock screen.

Why is My iPhone Locked?

Apple loads many security features into its iOS software and frankly doesn’t receive enough credit for the ways it protects device owners. Want further proof? It has a feature called Find My iPhone Activation Lock, which prevents thieves from wiping your phone for resale.

How it works is it requires your Apple ID and password. And if the thief isn’t a world-class password cracker, they have a phone they can’t sell or do anything else with.

Along with this, the point of the passcode is to ensure you can access your iPhone securely. If you’re unable to remember the password, there are several ways you can go about gaining access to even after your iPhone locked.

Ways to Unlock Your iPhone

Upon your iPhone locking, you’ll need to find another way to access the device. One way to achieve this is to connect it via USB cable to your Windows or Mac computer then open Apple’s iTunes Program.

Upon opening the program, you’ll be able to access your device based on its model number (iPhone 7 Plus). From here, you’ll want to ensure you have a data backup of your phone, which you can do by going to the backups section and selecting the computer you’re connected to.

Photo by OSXDaily

Along with this, you might have data backed up on the iCloud. Often, this is the easiest way to store pictures, phone contacts, and more that way when you restore your iPhone you gain access to this data again.

After ensuring you have the data you want, you’ll want to select the Restore iPhone button. What this does is a hard reset of your phone, where you’ll lose all the data on it. Upon completion, it will act as a new phone, and you can set it up similar to when you first bought it.

What happens if you haven’t set up your iPhone on iTunes? In this case, you can still reboot it. You do this by connecting the phone to the computer and launching iTunes. Once you have done this, you reboot your iPhone. For the latest models (iPhone X and iPhone 8 models) this involves pressing and releasing the volume up then the volume down buttons. After this, press and hold the side button until the iTunes icon appears on your phone’s screen.

Meanwhile, if you have an iPhone 7 or 7 Plus, you press and release the volume up and down buttons concurrently until the reboot screen appears. For older models, press and hold the sleep and home buttons at the same time to access the restore feature.

After doing this, iTunes gives you the options of updating or restoring your device. Restoring your device will help you gain access to it.

Meanwhile, if you are struggling to gain access to the files of your device, know you have options. The team at Outsource Data Recovery makes regaining your device simple and stress-free. Call us today to learn how you can gain your files back.